Testimonial Locksmith

Review by Kevin M. in Rockville, MD
" I was satisfied with A1 Affordable Locksmith. I was elated by how soon my call was returned and how quickly some was over to take care of the job."

Review by Terry L. in Norfolk, VA
"Will call again - fixed a 1948 lock so that it did not need to be replaced."

Review by a Neighbor in North Potomac, MD
"same day service. Very quick"

Review by Patricia N. in Fairfax, VA
"I love watching experts do their thing. Our man showed up precisely at the appointed hour, took our locks apart faster than James Bond, re-keyed them, charged us way less that I ever imagined, and was out the door in 8 minutes flat. I'd like to make a few hundred copies of this guy and have him run the House, the Senate, and a few dozen government agencies. By the way, if you're renting a new apartment, re-key your locks. It's dirt cheap and will give you peace of mind knowing that 20 previous tenants that you've never met aren't running around town with the keys to your house."

Review by Robert T. in Sterling, VA
"My transaction with A1 Affordable Locksmiths started out a little rocky, but the good people there made up for it in spades. In fact, when I expressed my concerns, the owner handled the matter personally, taking responsibility for a mis-communication and going out of his way to make things right--he truly went out of his way to help me. What is more, the technician who came to do the job, Ron, was highly-skilled, personable, and hard working (coming to do the job even though it was his day off). Ami was superlative. I recommend A1 Affordable Locksmiths and Ron highly, it was refreshing to have a job done so well by such good people."

Review by a Neighbor in Manassas, VA
"Great job. Very prompt and easy to wok with."

Review by Jim M. in Chevy Chase, MD

"They called me 2 minutes after I put in my request. Very friendly and courteous, he asked me what I wanted to be done and walked me through the different options. He changed the keys on two locks and installed a new deadbolt in no time. I absolutely recommend them to anyone."

Review by Lesley P. in Sterling, VA
"I had Ron as the locksmith who came out. Right from the start I was able to see he was a professional. He was personable and very competent at what he did. I would highly recommend A1 Affordable Locksmiths, LLC to anyone!!"

Review by Mary P. in Alexandria, VA
"Followed up with me quickly and was pleased by his work!"

Review by Shirley G. in Washington, DC
"I locked myself out of the car due to the kids rushing me out of the car. I was ready to cut Christmas, birthdays, and anything exciting out of their lives, but I didn't have to. I found Affordable Locksmiths, and they had good reviews, so I gave them a shot. The guy arrived in 45 minutes, and in no time, I was in my car. Just in time too cause my son's practice, which is why we were out and about, had just ended. The great thing is that he told me that my insurance company will pay for it. I've locked myself out before, and no one has ever told me that. If I ever get locked out again, which I hope is never, I'll definitely give these people a ring."

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